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“Little Duster”

Oil Dust Suppression System

Turn your Grain Dust into PROFITS!


The Little Duster Industrial Unit

The Little Duster is a unique cost efficient way to control airborne dust inside your bins, legs and conveyors. 

By controlling dust with an OIL APPLICATION system, you will ……

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Increase Profits

Decrease the Wear of your Equipment. 

Decrease Cleaning Expenses,

Increase Employee Safety,

Improve Working Conditions,

Improve Community Relations

Dust Suppression/Control instead of Dust collection is a cost effective means of controlling grain dust in your facilitity and surrounding environments.

Keep that weight with your product instead of hauling it away in dust!

This is a complete TURNKEY system, fully INSTALLED and completely AUTOMATIC.

This system can be installed in any elevator regardless of size, from your local elevator to the loading of unit trains and barges. There is no expensive dust collection equipment needed nor do you have the cost of disposing of the collected dust. The dust adheres to the grain kernel.

Your facility will be safer for your employees by reducing the airborne dangers of grain dust. Housekeeping will be reduced and therefore making for a safer & healthier environment.

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