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Why do I need LIGHTNING & SURGE Protection NOW!
  • Increase the Life of all equipment.

  • Removes daily power Surge & Spikes from the Power Company & neighboring facilities.

  • Highest level of Protection available.

  • 70% of all damage occurs on the Phone Lines and Video Cables!

  • It's a major reason for Sensitive Equipment Failure!

  • UL Listed for safety and performance.

  • Installed by a licensed Electrical Contractor.

  • American Made.

  • You cannot afford to be without Peace of mind!

  • Recommended by Manufacturers of your electronics.

According to MIDWEST STATISTICS, Lightning will strike an average of 30-60 times within ½ mile of your doorstep this year. A hit from Lightning or a Power Surge can permanently damage or destroy your electronic equipment and electrical appliances. Chances are, that you or someone you know has already experienced a loss from this problem that causes 6 Billion dollars in damage annually. For a price less than most insurance deductibles, your family can rest easy knowing your Computer Equipment, TV, DVD/VCR, Kitchen appliances, Washer/dryer, Phone Systems, and other Electrical appliances are safe. Lightning and Power Surge Protection Systems professionally installed by RC Peterson Electric, Inc. are over 99% effective in protecting your investments.


Can you afford the loss of your sensitive electronics?

Lightning and Electrical Surges cost people millions every year.


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